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(a) I/We certify that all the Information given above and in the preceding pages signed by me/us is/are complete and correct.

(b) I/We declare that the Institute will abide by all the rules and directions of MVAYV given time to time.

(d) In case of any Information furnished by me/us is found wrong or incomplete, I/We declare that the Institution may be derecognized and is also open to any action as per law.

(e) I/We undertake not to do any advertisement of our own in print/electronic media without the prior written permission of MVAYV.

(f) I/We hereby undertake that if it is ever found that the Institution is not able to run asper the norms, rules and procedures laid down by MVAYV shall be free to withdraw the Authorized Training Center recognition.

(g) I/We shall verify all the original documents of the students and certify that the Students registered at my /our Authorized Training Center for MVAYV. Programmes are eligible in all respect as per the eligibility norms of MVAYV. I/We shall produce the original documents of the students as and when required by MVAYV

(h) I/We understand that MVAYV reserve the right to terminate the Authorized Training Center registration. If it is found that I /We have knowingly made a false declaration in form.

(i) I/We understand that the approval of my/our Institution as Authorized Training Center shall be done as per the norms of the MVAYV.