Maharishi Vagbhata Ayurveda & Yoga Shaikshik Santhan (MVAYES) is an autonomous institute established and incorporate by the act of SRA 2006 under the Govt. of Himachal for Ayurveda &Yoga Literacy under the guideline of national education policy 1986. MVAYV is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified and GMP certified and also accredited member of various national and international Bodies. MVAYES is primarily with a purpose to enhance reception of Ancient Indian System of Medicine to ensure effective and systematic instructions, schooling, training, research, development and application of Ayurveda, Yoga along with primitive health practises that are more effective in treating chronic conditions that do not respond well to conventional western medicines.

At the MAHARISHI VAGBHATA AYURVEDA & YOGA SHAIKSHIK SANTHAN Institute, we teach traditional Yoga, Ayurveda and a range of ancient Indian therapies as well as other Eastern methodologies to heal, treat and maintain the quality of life. All our alternative, holistic and spiritual treatments, being a science of self-healing, incorporates nutrition, cleansing, exercises and adopting lifestyle changes as well as practices that not only rejuvenates body, mind, and spirit but can also help an individual to embark upon a healthier and more balanced life bringing a fulcrum point for healthy transformation.


Our vision is to wake India to the glorious possibilities of Ayurvedic efficacies and facilitate the re-emergence of ancient healings along with alternative, holistic and spiritual therapies so that it assimilates with all aspects of human existence – making India, healthier and happier.


Our mission is to develop a supportive environment that encourages individuals to integrate ancient healing practices and natural health sciences into their daily livesto combat temporary as well as life-long conditions effectively without much dependency on conventional allopathic medicines.


1. We have various faculty members who have vast experience from all of these different traditions and very good exposure of teaching Ayurved, Yoga and holistic courses. 2. We have basic as well as advanced courses that students can cover at a pace of their own. 3. We have authorised center network in nation wide to promote training and development.